【Welcome reception on the day】 «Shop popular menu» & «Nabe» as well as all you can eat OK! Ultra super delicious all-you-can-drink plan 3780 yen

【Welcome reception on the day】 «Shop popular menu» & «Nabe» as well as all you can eat OK! Ultra super delicious all-you-can-drink plan 3780 yen

By using a coupon3780 yen

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All-you-can-drink available

All you can drink drink menu 120 minutes (last order 90 minutes)

Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the desired date of the day 23

★ The female group is usually 3780 yen → 3500 yen! (Coupon use) All you can eat and drink (70 cuisines + 70 drinks) is the 120 minute system (cooking, drink 90 minutes last order).My stomach is full of content that I am satisfied with.If you are not good at motsu pot you can also change to chicken pot!

Course menu


· Fresh cabbage · Today's salad · Fried chicken · Hyper potato fry · Two types of skewers

[Menu all-you-can-eat]

[Yakitori] chicken thigh, chicken skin, chicken sand liver, chicken heart, chicken breast, chicken liver, pork belly, pork negima

[Vegetable skewer] Volume of asparagus bacon, tomato bacon winding, shishito skewer, white onion skewer · egg sauce · mushroom bake · eringy grill

[Homemade Tsukune] Okinomi Tsukune · · · etc.

[あ つ あ つ] Boiled with pigs

[Salad 3 types] Daikon salad · Tofu and slime salad · Caesar warm ball salad

[Dim sum] Small dragon package / dumplings

[Deep-fried chicken] Eurinchi · Grated Ponzu · Yuzu pepper · Maya mayonnaise · Tartar sauce

[Fried] Deep-fried chicken cartilage · Prawn mayonnaise · Hyper potato fried · fried dumplings · fried spring roll

[Skewer] 5 kinds

[Nabe] Mochi pot

[Oven baking] Cheese roasting of potatoes and bacon · Meat cheese grilling of eggplant · roasted cheese grill

[Rasp & Speed ​​menu] Warm edamame · Tawarabi · Chunja · Tomato slice · Chinese cabbage kimchi · chicken coat refreshing grated ponzu · refreshing of yam-ya · soy sauce · pickled cucumber · tatami cucumber

[Rice Item] Rice · TKG · Atsuzu Sourou Rice (Chicken Rice / Salmon) · Ochazuke (Salmon / Plum / Terrier / Changa / Mentaiko)

[Dessert] Salmon ice of five million years ago

All-you-can-drink menu

· KIRIN barrel raw
Shochu (potato, wheat)
· Rock, water split, green tea split, oolong tea split, hot water split, soda
· Lemon, grapefruit, plum, giant pine, oolong hi, Shizuoka china (green tea), Calpis, three-day oranges, yuzu, tomato vinegar, stamina health sour (contents are ASK)
· High Ball, Ginger, Cork, Plum, Three Loan Mandarin oranges, Tomato Vinegar
· Cassis type, Peach type, Gin type, Vodka type, Shandy-Gaff, Tomato beer
·Fruit wine
· Plain plum wine, apricot sake, yuzu sake
· Fruit wine (KIRIN skin)
· Lemon, apples, grapes, Yuzu and IJ
· Cold / heat pump (single)
· Red wine substitute, white wine substitute, sangria squeezed with gyu-gyu (red / white)
· Almost plum wine non alcohol, gin cocktail, cassis cocktail
·Soft drink
· Coca Cola, Ginger Jeal, Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Calpis Water, Calpis Soda, Tomato Vinegar Drink, Oolong Tea, Hot Oolong Tea, Green Tea

Coupon that can be used

  • 【All days of the week & reception desk welcome ♪】 All you can eat drinks course 3280 yen ~!

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking and when visiting
    • Conditions of use

      2 people / all day & day OK / female group is usually available for 3000 yen for 3,280 yen, 3,500 yen for 3780 yen / Can not be combined with other tickets / services

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of May, 2018

2018/04/01 update